Powerlink lodges its Revenue Proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) every five years. Our Revenue Proposal outlines forecast revenue requirements to provide an efficient, safe and reliable transmission service.

Powerlink lodged its Revised Revenue Proposal with the AER on 19 November 2021.

Revised Revenue Proposal

Our Revised Revenue Proposal was lodged to the AER on 19 November 2021. We have accepted almost all elements of the AER’s Draft Decision in our Revised Revenue Proposal.

We are pleased the AER considered our Revenue Proposal is capable of acceptance in its Draft Decision and accepted all major aspects of it. Similarly, our Customer Panel has now also confirmed that capable of acceptance has been met from its point of view.

View our Revised Revenue Proposal below.

AER Draft Decision

The AER published its Draft Decision on our 2023-27 Revenue Proposal on 30 September 2021. In the Draft Decision, the AER stated our Revenue Proposal was capable of acceptance, acknowledged our extensive consumer engagement and accepted all major aspects. View our Overview of the AER’s Draft Decision below.

More information is available on the AER’s website.

Revenue Proposal

Our Revenue Proposal was lodged to the AER on 28 January 2021. We have undertaken extensive engagement with our customers, stakeholders, the AER’s Consumer Challenge Panel and AER staff on all key elements of our Revenue Proposal. This engagement occurred as part of our overarching goal to deliver a Revenue Proposal that is capable of acceptance by Powerlink's customers, the AER and ourselves. View our Revenue Proposal below.

More information is available on the AER's website.

A breakdown of chapters from our Revenue Proposal is available from the 'Key Resources' section of this page under the 'Revenue Proposal' section.









Revenue Proposal Engagement Timeline

1 July 2022

Start of new regulatory period

April 2022

AER releases its Final Decision

19 November 2021

Powerlink lodged its Revised Revenue Proposal with the AER

15 November 2021

Transmission Network Forum 2021

14 October 2021

AER Public Forum

30 September 2021

AER releases its Draft Decision

24 May 2021

Submissions close on Revenue Proposal

8 April 2021

AER Public Forum

February 2021

AER commences review of Powerlink’s Revenue Proposal and invites public submissions

28 January 2021

Powerlink lodged its Revenue Proposal with the AER

13 November 2020

Insurance Deep Dive

30 October 2020

Feedback closes on the Draft Revenue Proposal

30 September 2020

Powerlink releases Draft Revenue Proposal

10 September 2020

Transmission Network Forum 2020

10 August 2020

Powerlink releases Preliminary Positions and Forecasts Paper (PPFP)

31 July 2020

AER publishes Final Framework and Approach Paper

30 June 2020

Powerlink submits Expenditure Forecasting Methodology to the AER

30 March 2020

Letter to AER - Preliminary Framework and Approach Paper

21 February 2020

AER release preliminary Framework and Approach

11 December 2019

Decision to replace Framework and Approach for Powerlink

31 October 2019

Framework and Approach initiation letter

24 May 2019

Engagement Co-Design Workshop

Full timeline

Response to Submissions

Preliminary Positions and Forecasts Paper (PPFP)


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