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Powerlink and TransGrid have been working together on a Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T) process for expanding transmission transfer capacity between Queensland and New South Wales.

The final step in this process is now complete, with the release of the Project Assessment Conclusions Report (PACR). The PACR addresses stakeholder submissions received in response to the Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) and determines the final preferred option. 

The report outlines that Option 1a - uprating the Liddell to Tamworth transmission lines, installing new dynamic reactive support at Tamworth and Dumaresq, and shunt capacitor banks at Tamworth, Dumaresq and Armidale - delivers the greatest expected net benefits of all potential options considered and analysed. This option also provides certainty for customers, with the closure of Liddell Power Station over 2022 and 2023.




The Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) stage of the RIT-T process identified a preferred option.



In partnership with TransGrid, we held a webinar in October 2019 to provide an overview of the preferred option in the Project Assessment Draft Report, and seek feedback from stakeholders. The webinar presentation slide pack is available below:




TransGrid and Powerlink sought written submissions and feedback on the PSCR, and public submissions in early 2019.

Submissions received (and approved for publication by proponents):



In the context of engagement activities with consumers and the general community, Powerlink has assessed this project as 'complex' on the RIT-T stakeholder engagement matrix.

The RIT-T process is focused on engaging the public, key stakeholders and market participants on the range of options presented. Together with TransGrid, we held a webinar in early February 2019 to provide further information on the PSCR options and seek input and feedback. The webinar presentation slide pack and Q&As are available below:



Input and methodology documents

TransGrid and Powerlink published an accompanying input and methodology consultation paper and assumptions workbook (see below). These documents provide greater detail in relation to the modelling approach and parameters to be adopted in the quantitative RIT-T analysis. This consultation paper was published to provide an opportunity to obtain earlier stakeholder feedback on the quantitative modelling proposed in the RIT-T process.



In December 2018, we provided our Customer Panel with an overview of this RIT-T and held a focused engagement workshop to get their input and feedback on the options presented in the PSCR. The panel sought responses to specific questions on the RIT-T and have now made this information publicly available to stakeholders.